Who are we

Steven has provided research to the Australian Community for over a decade free of any costs. Our store has been set up to support the continued publishing of research material into the future. Steven is the author of whitepapers Realm and Commonwealth, Realm and Man and An Australian Government Lie all available free on his web site.

Steven has worked together for a number of years by helping publish research material relevant to the day to day climate of Australia's Foundations as well as its Core Faith.

Stevens background is in Information Technology, Web Development, Programming and Photography with interests in Travel, History, Law and Faith.

Our Mission

We believe that imagery combined with use of creative technology can make complicated subject matter more understandable by helping Australians demonstrate their loyalty in their day to day wardrobe fashion. Our mission is to help Australians understand the sacrifices of their forefathers by displaying their passion for their country and showing a loyalty to their Commonwealth into the future.

Your continued support allows us to provide research by helping to provide hosting, software and equipment to be able to blog and produce video and documentary through his online space at stevenspiers.com.